Our Industry


Our processes are based on continuous improvement, with ongoing investment in technology and training of our team members.


Our Facility

  • Our industrial facility is designed to prioritize product traceability, enabling segregation by quality and variety.
  • We store raw material (in-shell peanuts) under the best conditions, in order to incorporate them in the process unaltered from the source.
  • The processing line is a compact and efficient system that reduces mechanical damage to the peanut kernel to a minimum; securing high selection quality and product innocuousness at all times, with easily accessible control and sanitation points.
  • Finished product storage facilities have been designed to guarantee the appropriate isolation from the surroundings, to keep the product under optimal conditions until dispatched.

18 hectares

Eighteen-hectare area.

2,900 m2

Roofed storage facility 2,900 m2.

15,000 tons

Roofed storage facility
for 15,000 tons of in-shell peanuts.

1,000 tons/day

Reception capacity of 1000 tons/day for in-shell peanuts from the fields.

Our Facilities

We follow, apply and implement the most stringent certifications.


CTA S.A. implemented and certified BPM; HACCP, BRCGS and POC, to adopt quality and sustainability in all our processes.