Our Community

We belong to Hernando and value our community. We believe that our growth is possible only if it goes hand in hand with the development of our surroundings. We know that together means farther!

CTA – Solidarity initiative

The CTA Team, in partnership with the Municipality of Hernando, other organizations and the community, carry out the annual “Great Corn-Picking Fundraiser” in support of local institutions.

This year, the donation was made to the Medical Association, an umbrella entity for the healthcare centers of Hernando, to procure supplies and take actions in the course of the pandemic.


CTA promotes the integral development of our people, through training courses and specific programs.

Every member of this company is essential to deliver excellent products to the world that improve consumers’ quality of life.

Let’s play

This is a hands-on workshop that includes games and recreational activities, which end with a relaxing and motivational experience.

We offer an opportunity to communicate and interact with others by using laughter as a vehicle to feel better, improve self-esteem and self-confidence, and strengthen relationships and improve creativity and imagination.

CTA healthy space

This is an exercise at your desk experience, known also as active pause.

It involves structured exercise as therapy and prevention, to promote general wellbeing for our staff members.

Sessions are held during work hours; they take between 15 and 20 minutes and do not require employees to change into gym clothes or move from their workplace. Active pauses are meant to contribute to solving labor motivation issues, injuries and postural pain.

Work with us.

Be part of a dynamic, growing company with great opportunities for young professionals.