With our roots in our community, we offer the best food. Close to our people; thankful to our land; centered on our customers.

We are a young, innovative, dynamic and flexible company that seeks the
integral development of our collaborators.

We value our community and are active members of the Argentine peanut industry.

1,000 tons/day

Reception capacity of 1000 tons/day for in-shell peanuts from the fields.

35 Countries

We export peanuts to thirty five countries.

180 tons/peanuts

Processing facility: 1,280 m2. Daily capacity of 180 tons/peanuts.


Located in the city of Hernando, the National Peanut Capital.

We care for our land to obtain the best food.

We plant High Oleic peanut focusing on sustainability by adopting Good Agricultural Practices and ensuring traceability from the source.

Our products


Shelled peanuts

Raw, unskinned peanuts as raw material/human or animal consumption, for the domestic market or for export.


Blanched peanuts

Raw, shelled and skinned peanuts, for the domestic market or for export.


CTA S.A. implemented and certified BPM; HACCP, BRCGS and POC, to adopt quality and sustainability in all our processes.

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CTA S.A. is a young company from Hernando, the national peanut capital. Our company was established from the partnership of three families from the agricultural sector that sought to add value to the crop.